Letter from Godfather (97)

Valuable Child:
Independent, upright and full of justice you are, you often feel lost in this corrupted world. You could not find cleanliness; you could not see justice; you sigh for you could not even catch hold of a wind. The fact is: Greed, jealousy, hatred, lust and anger are hidden everywhere in dark corners. They are like a tsunami flooding before you every day, catching your attention and focus, causing you to be drowned by stench, insecurity, fear, disappointment and anger. My Child, turn towards me. I want to heal your feeling of anger. Read the Bible diligently to come near to me. Fix your eyes wholeheartedly on the cross. Fix your eyes upon Jesus. Hope and joy will once again fill your heart when you lean on the salvation, righteousness, healing and holiness of the cross. Because I love you; I am the truth, the God who heals you.

Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You