Letter from Godfather (25)

Dear Child:
There are many kinks, worries and doubts in your heart. I want to give you the strength to be calm and secure! For anything that causes your heart and mind to feel perplexed, there will be a voice of salvation calling out to your will: “Come to me and I will give you rest.” My Child, you must choose that which is better! All the strength you need is found in my words. In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength. Allow your heart to be quiet and secure; allow peace to enter. Once again, you will receive new strength, new grace, new opportunity. I want to give you a clearer outlook. You need to move forward courageously, face your giant, Goliath. I am your protection and victory. I will surround you with songs of deliverance.

  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You