Letter from Godfather(9)

Beloved Child:
The depth of your spirit often echoes to me. I have a victorious plan for your life, and that is to raise you up to become a strong warrior who can fight for Christ! My Child, when I created you, I have already placed a life of great capacity in you. Please open up to me even more so that the power of the Lion of Judah can be released from within you. This will also fulfill the desire I have for you! Do not try to rely on others for comfort. Rather, you must be even more determined to focus on me. I will lead you to experience a ministry that will lead people out of darkness and into the light. In moments when you feel hopeless, you must still stand firm and look upon me. You must lift up your voice in praises even when there are no pregnancy nor birth. My love will build you to become a blessing for many people.

  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You