Letter from Godfather(84)

Powerful Warrior:
My Child, I am pleased with your involvement in church activities and ministries. I know this is your love for me. However, you still feel as though you are often powerless, as though you cannot touch me. I still seem to be so distant from you. You even feel dismayed and do not dare to tell anyone. My Child, I know your reasons, let me heal you. You must discard the ways of thinking that you are used to. Do not continue to stare at your disease, weakness, and do not fear. In fact, you are more capable than you imagined! Take off inadequacy, inability and unbearable inferiority. Put on the garment of praise today. Give thanks to God for all that you have. You must choose to fix your eyes upon me. My power is already in you. Do not criticize yourself. You must learn to embrace yourself, because I love you so much. In this season, enjoy the nourishment that comes from the anointing oil of my love.

 Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You