Letter from Godfather(83)

owerful Warrior:
My Child, you are very kind-hearted. Unfortunately, you always blame yourself, condemn yourself; others condemn you, you also condemn yourself. This is not my will for you. A lot of things are not your fault. You must reject the lies. I want to come to free you. You have once experienced emotional hurt in your life. My eyes have never departed from you and my hands have always been there on you. You thought that I have stopped my works of healing in you, no, I am always here! My love for you has never lessen and has never stopped! At times, the current environment causes you to feel as though you cannot breathe. My grace is definitely sufficient! You must learn to always encourage yourself and to bless every person in your circle of relationships. I will cause you to become a new threshing tool with quick teeth. You will breakthrough, you will ride in triumph on the heights of the land!

 Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You