Letter from Godfather(82)

Greatly Beloved Child:
Your feet must be swift like that of a deer’s. I have already anointed you to be a person of action. You must go everywhere for my purpose. My Child, I know your zeal and passion, but I am more pleased that you can often wait often and to seek my Name. Do not try to run in front of me. I will place the heart of a father and a mother in you. I promise that there will often be wisdom and strategy that comes from me in you, so that you may know how to handle things, deal with things and serve in the Holy Spirit and truth. Do not let compassion and honesty depart from you. You must carve them on your heart. Because when the environment causes your heart to break, these will enter into you and become your life. The boundary lines I have measured for you are pleasant places. I want marriage to be your inheritance. Your inheritance is indeed wonderful.

 Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You