Letter from Godfather(81)

Child of Favor:
The day is coming when I will cause you to sing a song of triumph! When facing the challenges in this world, you are like a jubilant fighter who’s gradually being defeated, even to the point of losing your faith in me. Would my arms be too short to save? Would my ears be too dull to hear? I have heard all your unspoken words and thoughts! My Child, the day is coming, it is now! I want to put on a colorful robe on you and laugh at the enemy for you. I want to bless you with power so that you can trample the snakes and scorpions. Bear in mind my words, come near to me every day to connect with me. This will cause you to receive power, and the Holy Spirit wants to lead you on a new journey. There will be a new path, new way, a new victorious thinking, new wisdom, new skill, new anointing, new intimacy, all of which will come to pass in your life. You must be keen and follow closely! You will experience what it means by your ears had heard of me, but now your eyes have seen me.

 Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You