Letter from Godfather(6)

My Child Who Won My Heart:
Thank you for being willing to love me and come near to me more than others. Because of that, my heart is deeply drawn to you. You must watch attentively as the season is about to change! Look forward to the wind of the Holy Spirit as you will be transformed into the next page of a new mileage in your life! You have always desired a spiritual growth and you thought that no one understands you, but I have been looking at how you respond to every circumstance. Be prepared to run forward! You must run with a true determination. You must leaveand be victorious over those struggles that will hinder you from seeking Christ. My love, which never forsake nor abandon, wants to build and renew you. You will enter into a crucial moment according to my heart’s desire, and bearing fruits in your life that are countless!

  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You