Letter from Godfather(17)

My Child Whom I Am Whispering To:
Do not roll in sin and wickedness. Though they may appear wonderful, they will snuff out your good life. You must stay far away and resist. I have come to judge the evil, but mercy boasts victory over judgment. Come into me genuinely. I want to give you new strength and grace, so that you will no longer dance with sin. My Child, I love you. I love you so much. I have come to love you. I have come so that you can be restored, be healed, and your wounds bind up in my love. You shall be completely healed! Do not fear. The bigger the wound, the bigger my grace will be. I want to heal you and to restore you to the glorious image I have created you to be. You are my precious creation.

  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You