Letter from Godfather (86)

Child of Royalty:
I have created you to be a royal vessel, just like a big mug, beautiful and having a huge capacity and magnanimity. With my own hands, I have personally made you stroke by stroke. I am raising up some changes in your environment. I am changing the “quality” of you, my vessel. You will receive even more convenience and to go out even more for me. You will become more welcomed. I want to cause you to become someone who cannot be ignored; you will bless even more people. You will carry the Holy Spirit’s river of living water to give to the thirsty. Do not be disheartened nor discouraged. You are in my hands. I am making a new texture in your life. You will be renewed and will become even more mature. Because of your desire for me, I want to pour new wine and new oil into you to fill you up once again.

 Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You