Letter from Godfather (64)

My Child Whom I Cherish:
I have placed many people around you, so that you can feel welcomed! But the enemy keeps coming to make your heart doubt. You must learn to discern and resist him! You must choose to give thanks; always have a heart of thanksgiving. You will see wheat and not weed! Do not allow your heart and mind to be weak and powerless for that will cause you to be confused and to lose yourself. Seek me expectedly, come near to me, I want to renew you and to strengthen you! Do not be afraid, do not be alarmed. You are whom I love, I am with you! Let me heal and cleanse your wound, so that your mouth can also be a channel of healing for others in the future. I have promised to put words of grace in your mouth, causing your tongue to have rules of mercy, and gentleness in your deeds.

  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You