Letter from Godfather (60)

My Child Whom I Cherish:
Your days of sorrow are over! In the past, you kept all your tears inside by yourself. I delight in you when in trials, you still lift up your face and say: “Despite being in all kinds of trials, I still want to see this as a great joy.” Your faith has gone through trials and given birth to endurance! I want to place a new road before you, so that your feet will be like that of a doe, and be walking steadily on high grounds. I also want to bless you with wisdom; that is first pure and then peace-loving. Do not allow the root of bitterness to bind you. I want to hide you under the shelter of my wings, because you have loved me faithfully. I have already anointed you to preach the good news with passion! Receive renewal!

  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You