Letter from Godfather (37)

Royal and Beloved Child:
I am bringing harmony into your spiritual life. This is a turning point. I am stretching your life so that all aspects of your life can be expanded. That is why I am using all sorts of directions to train you; at times calling you to turn left, and then turn right, like training a soldier to go round and round. You will become a bullet in my hand. When I fire this bullet, you will become a deadly weapon for the enemy! I want you to experience this like Peter: “When I give up for the Lord, I receive!” You have given up your tiredness, your moodiness, your own former feelings and emotions, your former thoughts, your opinions, your old self, your persistence, your experience… I will not cause you to be at a disadvantage, rather, I will repay you a hundred-fold! Rest and wait! While waiting, I want to use you even more, increasing your gifting in praise and worship and to bless you with the gifts of wisdom and revelation!

 Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You