Letter from Godfather (36)

Royal and Beloved Child:
There are still many lost sheep in this city. I want to send you to search for them. Others are judging them, but I want to give you grace to search for them. They have yet to lose their love for me; they hate being in bondage, humiliation and trespasses. I want to use you to heal them of the trespasses they have suffered. I will give you grace, so that you can go and help those who are lost. I will give you the spiritual gifting to help them. I will lead you supernaturally to be able to see them. You will bring them back to be among my people. Furthermore, many of them will become pastors and ministers. I will bring to you the people who have the same burden as you. Prior to this, I want to first heal a broken relationship in your life. I want to heal you completely!

 Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You