Letter from Godfather (33)

Dear Child:
I want to open a door for you, so that you may rest. You are in the midst of varying layers of chaos; there is constant insecurity and a sense of defeat in your heart, but I will cause you to be victorious in the battle. Learn to rest, for I am with you. I will walk with you through the crisis and cause you to lift up your head, because I am the God who calms the storm. No matter how difficult you may think it is, I am the God who calms the storm! Because of your prayer of invitation, I will intervene, so that you can receive even more joy! Let “Experiencing Changes” be your goal. Study the Word diligently, follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pray constantly, moving forward step by step! Because of your progress every day, you will keep experiencing changes. This is how a new person should be like and the beautiful thing about sanctification.

 Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You