Letter from Godfather

Peace to our dearest family in the Lord:

This set of 101 “Letter from Heavenly Father” cards is what Taiwan’s intercessory team has received through their prayers. We are convinced that because God loves you so much, thus, we have these 101 cards! Please taste and see that the Lord is good. Enjoy the comfort, exhortation and edification that come from the presence of the Lord’s love and goodness. May each and every card be filled with the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. May the mercy of the Lord clear every pathway and remove every stumbling block for you. Please do not use this card to decide major decision in your life. And do not substitute your devotion and bible study with this card. From morning till night, may you be blessed in experiencing His faithfulness and grace!


Instruction: Please pray first! Ask God to speak to you, and then click on any of the pictures below, there will bounce out a letter from the heavenly Father!

Letter from Godfather (64)

My Child Whom I Cherish: I have placed many people around you, so that you can feel welcomed! But the enemy keeps coming to make your heart doubt. You must learn to discern and resist him! You must choose to give thanks; always have a heart of thanksgiving. You will see wheat and not weed! Do not allow your heart and mind to be weak and powerless for that will cause you to be confused and to lose yourself. Seek me expectedly, come near to me, I want to renew you and to strengthen you! Do not be afraid, do not be alarmed. You are whom I love, I am with you! Let me heal and cleanse your wound, so that your mouth can also be a channel of healing for others in the future. I have promised to put words of grace in your mouth, causing your tongue to have rules of mercy, and gentleness in your deeds.   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather(3)

My Child Whom I Deeply Loved: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Almighty, who is, and who was, and who is to come! I have called you into excellence! I have also called you to be a true intercessor. Because of your prayers, many people will be blessed. My Child, I am here to help you, not to crush you. Put down the old ways of thinking and trust in me even more. I am a God of perfect grace; the Lord who gives peace. My Child whom I loved, run towards me. You will see my amazing ways.  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather(20)

Dear Child: You have used your own strength to walk for a long time. You are surrounded by bronze and iron walls. For a long time, your mind has desired freedom. This has led you to walk farther and farther away. I have longed for you to sit peacefully before me and give your heart to me. You must guard your heart above all else. I will not walk with you on the path of destruction and roundabouts. Do not be discouraged. I have been waiting for you to call out to me. My loving arms are always open. My love for you will never change, no matter what you have said or done. I want to embrace you, to give your wandering heart a home, and to lead you towards the way of life. Put me always before you; you will experience me as your portion and your cup. Whatever you have received, I will secure.   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (33)

Dear Child: I want to open a door for you, so that you may rest. You are in the midst of varying layers of chaos; there is constant insecurity and a sense of defeat in your heart, but I will cause you to be victorious in the battle. Learn to rest, for I am with you. I will walk with you through the crisis and cause you to lift up your head, because I am the God who calms the storm. No matter how difficult you may think it is, I am the God who calms the storm! Because of your prayer of invitation, I will intervene, so that you can receive even more joy! Let “Experiencing Changes” be your goal. Study the Word diligently, follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pray constantly, moving forward step by step! Because of your progress every day, you will keep experiencing changes. This is how a new person should be like and the beautiful thing about sanctification.  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (30)

Dear Child: I know your heart of love for me. You feel that your faith is not enough. To me, you are never too far, too depraved, too slow, nor too difficult. Failure is also a process where I am molding you. The true expression of life is when you are able to be joyful in me when others find it hard to do so. Come and look upon the cross. Everything is about the cross, the power of God and His glory! I want to strengthen your faith, enabling you to move forward courageously. Do not be afraid for I am with you! With my wide-opened, passionate and loving arms will I surround you. The enemy will retreat and scatter in all directions. You must sing in confidence a song of triumph!   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather(51)

My Child Who’s Always On My Mind: I delight in how you continue to look up to me daily during times of tolerance and expectations! Even when storm clouds cover the sky and in the midst of pouring rain, thank you for helping me to provide for those in need. I have chosen you to be an excellent standard and a life model. Together with me, you will motivate people to break free from mediocrity and step into a life of abundance! Your life is a sweet and beautiful symphony. I have personally composed it note by note. I have turned your failures, tears and victories into a brilliant musical note, and heaven will sing this piece of music for eternity.   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (25)

Dear Child: There are many kinks, worries and doubts in your heart. I want to give you the strength to be calm and secure! For anything that causes your heart and mind to feel perplexed, there will be a voice of salvation calling out to your will: “Come to me and I will give you rest.” My Child, you must choose that which is better! All the strength you need is found in my words. In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength. Allow your heart to be quiet and secure; allow peace to enter. Once again, you will receive new strength, new grace, new opportunity. I want to give you a clearer outlook. You need to move forward courageously, face your giant, Goliath. I am your protection and victory. I will surround you with songs of deliverance.   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You