Letter from Godfather

Peace to our dearest family in the Lord:

This set of 101 “Letter from Heavenly Father” cards is what Taiwan’s intercessory team has received through their prayers. We are convinced that because God loves you so much, thus, we have these 101 cards! Please taste and see that the Lord is good. Enjoy the comfort, exhortation and edification that come from the presence of the Lord’s love and goodness. May each and every card be filled with the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. May the mercy of the Lord clear every pathway and remove every stumbling block for you. Please do not use this card to decide major decision in your life. And do not substitute your devotion and bible study with this card. From morning till night, may you be blessed in experiencing His faithfulness and grace!


Instruction: Please pray first! Ask God to speak to you, and then click on any of the pictures below, there will bounce out a letter from the heavenly Father!

Letter from Godfather(8)

Dear Child: Do not fear. I have spoken to you repeatedly in the midst of fire and water. My Child, bravely lift up my authority and shout at the enemy. Don’t allow them to deceive nor oppress you. Do not fear! Do not fear! Do not fear! You must rebuke the power of death to leave you in my Name. Though you have suffered a heavy blow and darkness and oppression in your environment, faith will enable you to take off the chain around your ankle! You will challenge paralysis with your faith and you will move forward! My eyes are looking around to search for and help those who love me. Whatever is from me will love you. My Child, I will always help you, today, tomorrow and every day.  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (45)

My Child Who’s Always On My Mind: Do not waste your time fighting in the wrong battle. You must cleverly choose your battle. Only set out for those that are worthy. There are some battles that you do not need to fight. You do not have to become enemies with certain people. For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Let go of your own ways and insistence. Enter more into rest. Fight your battles on your knees. I will certainly bring you into victory!   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather(6)

My Child Who Won My Heart: Thank you for being willing to love me and come near to me more than others. Because of that, my heart is deeply drawn to you. You must watch attentively as the season is about to change! Look forward to the wind of the Holy Spirit as you will be transformed into the next page of a new mileage in your life! You have always desired a spiritual growth and you thought that no one understands you, but I have been looking at how you respond to every circumstance. Be prepared to run forward! You must run with a true determination. You must leaveand be victorious over those struggles that will hinder you from seeking Christ. My love, which never forsake nor abandon, wants to build and renew you. You will enter into a crucial moment according to my heart’s desire, and bearing fruits in your life that are countless!   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather(19)

Royal and Beloved Child: This is the season to forget the past, strain towards what is ahead and press on towards the goal! Take my banner of victory and run courageously. Come and call upon my Name. I am the God who protects and watches over you. My Child, come here to me. I invite you to work with me. Are you willing? My Child whom I loved, do not feel inferior. You must rise up and bravely reject all the negative voices and lies! I want to give you wisdom and insight, so that you can help those who are helpless. I have turned your wailing into dancing, removed your sackcloth and clothed you with joy. Do not fear. When the time comes, it will be fulfilled! Look to me, I am God Almighty.   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (63)

My Child Whom I Cherish: My law, decrees, words and commandments are not meant to give you a heavy burden. You tried to mix new and old, but new wine should be in new wineskin. Do not try to use the old cloth in your hand to patch your new garment. I want to bestow you with a new wineskin! Do not insist on your numerous pasts, even though they may be good. Look up to me. Choose to believe in me! All worldly knowledge, norms, intelligence, views are unable to replace life! I love you! I invite you to reach out your hand and give it to me assuredly. Move forward together with me!     Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (37)

Royal and Beloved Child: I am bringing harmony into your spiritual life. This is a turning point. I am stretching your life so that all aspects of your life can be expanded. That is why I am using all sorts of directions to train you; at times calling you to turn left, and then turn right, like training a soldier to go round and round. You will become a bullet in my hand. When I fire this bullet, you will become a deadly weapon for the enemy! I want you to experience this like Peter: “When I give up for the Lord, I receive!” You have given up your tiredness, your moodiness, your own former feelings and emotions, your former thoughts, your opinions, your old self, your persistence, your experience… I will not cause you to be at a disadvantage, rather, I will repay you a hundred-fold! Rest and wait! While waiting, I want to use you even more, increasing your gifting in praise and worship and to bless you with the gifts of wisdom and revelation!  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (25)

Dear Child: There are many kinks, worries and doubts in your heart. I want to give you the strength to be calm and secure! For anything that causes your heart and mind to feel perplexed, there will be a voice of salvation calling out to your will: “Come to me and I will give you rest.” My Child, you must choose that which is better! All the strength you need is found in my words. In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength. Allow your heart to be quiet and secure; allow peace to enter. Once again, you will receive new strength, new grace, new opportunity. I want to give you a clearer outlook. You need to move forward courageously, face your giant, Goliath. I am your protection and victory. I will surround you with songs of deliverance.   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You