Letter from Godfather

Peace to our dearest family in the Lord:

This set of 101 “Letter from Heavenly Father” cards is what Taiwan’s intercessory team has received through their prayers. We are convinced that because God loves you so much, thus, we have these 101 cards! Please taste and see that the Lord is good. Enjoy the comfort, exhortation and edification that come from the presence of the Lord’s love and goodness. May each and every card be filled with the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. May the mercy of the Lord clear every pathway and remove every stumbling block for you. Please do not use this card to decide major decision in your life. And do not substitute your devotion and bible study with this card. From morning till night, may you be blessed in experiencing His faithfulness and grace!


Instruction: Please pray first! Ask God to speak to you, and then click on any of the pictures below, there will bounce out a letter from the heavenly Father!

Letter from Godfather(57)

My Child Whom I Cherish: The fire of the Holy Spirit will burn within you; to burn forth your love for Jesus and also to burn up your past sufferings and shamefulness. I guarantee that nothing will be able to crush you, because I am the winning card in your hand! I will transform your circumstance for you, causing you to come back with a victory! You must put on God’s mercy, compassion, humility, gentleness and endurance, and come unwavering before me. I promise that there will be gladness in the wilderness; even the desert will be filled with joy and be like a blooming rose, flowering and cheering with joy upon joy.   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather(94)

My Child, I Love You: Your whole life is in my hands; everyone’s life is in my hands. Great is my love, reaching to the heavens, my faithfulness reaches to the skies. You can never be God; you need only trust in me even more, entrust to me. You have already done what you should. Give the rest to me. I will tear out the fangs of those lions, they will vanish like water that flows away. Because you love me wholeheartedly, I want to set you up on high. I am your strength, look up to me, believe in me, because I am your fortress. I am the God who gives you grace. Every morning I will meet you with love.  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (34)

Royal and Beloved Child: I love you, do not be afraid! We can experience changes every day; today is different from yesterday, tomorrow will be different from today. There will be wonderful things happening every day, daily experiencing God’s power in creation. Go ahead and step out in courage; step out and step out again. This stepping forward and stepping over will never end, just like how you jump over the obstacles in a field. Do not be afraid! My Child, I still say, do not be afraid. No matter what happens, you are able to endure it,because you are not by yourself; I am with you. My eyes are always on you. I will help you, my love and truth will encourage you. Receive this promise right now and pray!  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (26)

Dear Child: This world is not a good place. The environment is constantly in various turmoil. You are affected. You panic. I want to give you peace. I am standing right beside you. I have given you strength; you will be redeemed from the mouth of the lion! Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever! Those who love my ordinances will receive great peace. Nothing can cause them to stumble. Come and look upon me. I am the God who gives peace. I am your true Savior and Refuge. I want to give you peace, enabling you to rely on my Name to move forward.    Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather(84)

Powerful Warrior: My Child, I am pleased with your involvement in church activities and ministries. I know this is your love for me. However, you still feel as though you are often powerless, as though you cannot touch me. I still seem to be so distant from you. You even feel dismayed and do not dare to tell anyone. My Child, I know your reasons, let me heal you. You must discard the ways of thinking that you are used to. Do not continue to stare at your disease, weakness, and do not fear. In fact, you are more capable than you imagined! Take off inadequacy, inability and unbearable inferiority. Put on the garment of praise today. Give thanks to God for all that you have. You must choose to fix your eyes upon me. My power is already in you. Do not criticize yourself. You must learn to embrace yourself, because I love you so much. In this season, enjoy the nourishment that comes from the anointing oil of my love.  Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather (65)

Dear Child: Come to me, I will give you rest. Did you see the people who come near to my throne? Some of them are brave, some carry with them heavy burden and discouragement, some are in fear, some are running. No matter what form it takes, I will run towards them! Because I deeply love, accept and delight in anyone who comes near to me. So, my Child, come here to me. My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Do not run towards this world. Return more to the church that I love; commit more to me, you will see that I have already prepared abundantly for your dream! Call out to me for grace and declare this to the enemy: Jesus has already won the victory for me!   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You

Letter from Godfather(11)

Child Honored and Beloved: I am always here! When you lift up your head and look up, you will see grace. The enemy tried to oppress you and cause you to be unable to lift up your eyes to see my doings. Do not retreat! You have my favor; you must often declare my favor upon you. When darkness covers you, I am the light. When worries come, I am your joy. My Child, come here to me, I want to transform your life to one that is like a beautiful piece of music. You will become a blessing to many people. I will turn your feeble arms and weak knees into the best testimony of your dependence on me. Do not look down on weaknesses, do not condemn yourself. I am the God who is, who was, and who is to come! Nothing can resist the love I have for you. You are my precious, royal one, whom I deeply love.   Your Heavenly Father Who Loves You